Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celebrate That Fact and Pray for Them and Teach Your Heart Out

 Durham Cathedral

A couple of things that keep me sane during Wisconsin's long winters are reading good books and watching interesting YouTube videos.

Because I thought it was such a great answer, I transcribed part of a YouTube video of a Wheaton Theology Conference. A young person had asked the question,

"Is teaching in the local church worth devoting my life to?"

N.T. Wright's answer was the following:

"Of course it’s worth devoting your life to teaching in the local church, if that is your primary calling. For some people, that is their primary calling.Some wonderful great teachers have devoted themselves to this. You just don’t know.  Who are these people you’re teaching? You have no idea what God is going to do through the glimmer of new insight that by God’s grace will come through your teaching into their hearts and lives.

"I live in a part of the world where we honor people like Cuthbert and Aiden and Bede. And Bede was a little boy in the monastery in Jarrow when they had the Plague. And the only two of them that were left were Bede as a little boy and one elderly monk. And they would sing the Psalms together. And Bede grew up to be the single great scholar in the Europe of his day : an astronomer, mathematician, Biblical commentator, etc. etc. etc.

"Who would have thought, seeing that monastery on the wild coast of northeast England, that here would be somebody that would be this great teacher, you just don’t know who you’ve got in your congregation. Celebrate that fact and pray for them and teach your heart out."


And since Wright is from northern England in the first place, and since he was Bishop of Durham from 2003-2010, he was able to pull that nifty little history lesson right off the tip of his brain, without hesitation. I loved that answer.

N.T. Wright is currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland -  and author of a gazillion books, of which Surprised by Hope, The Day The Revolution Began, Jesus and the Victory of God, The Meal Jesus Gave Us, Simply Christian...are just a mere fraction, and all worth keeping in your home library.

(You will find other posts about Cuthbert, Bede, and possibly even N.T. Wright if you type their names in the search box on my sidebar.) 

Have a blessed Lord's Day, friends.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Hunting for Spring

Mr. C. and I are tired of waiting for spring to arrive in NW Wisconsin and are heading to Arizona to visit our oldest son for a week. Tonight there were three deer under our bird feeder, having trudged their way through the snow to try to find something to eat. I wish they liked meatballs and rice. I have some I'll have to throw out before we head out of here tomorrow.

Another son will be staying at our house, taking care of Tommy & Smokey, which involves feeding, watering, and throwing mice around - oh. and the litter boxes, all four of them. It is so nice to be able to leave and know that the house and kitties will be taken care of. 

 Note the silo's hat is on crooked

Most of the photos in this post are from southern Wisconsin and we have a lot more snow  at our house. The following photo was taken March 31 and we've had a snowstorm since then that just added to the depth (of despair).

 Always winter and never Christmas
 This photo was taken in Coon Prairie, WI

Note the snowmobile. I was hunting for a satellite dish in this photo, not an uncommon sight in Wisconsin backyards, but don't see one. There is, however, a wood pile on the right, a pleasant sight to anyone who burns wood. And that reminds me: the last time we visited this area, we purchased (from an Amish friend) an entire pickup load of slab wood for our wood burning stove, and were charged only $15. That was certainly $15 well spent! We just burned our last stick of wood last weekend, so it's time to use the gas furnace or head south/or both.

Tommy & Smokey

 I came across this sign in Jackson County, on the way home from Westby.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
See you next time.


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